Friday, January 20, 2012

New beginnings

Well it is a long time since I posted anything here isn't it?

So what has happened in the last 2 and a half years? Well I completed my doctorate in entomology, I got married, my wife and I have become the proud parents of a beautiful bouncing baby boy and I have managed to get a really great and rewarding job! So not too much hobby stuff then! Still there has been some and for the most part I will be blogging about it on my wargaming group's new collaborative blog over at :

EDIT:We are now at:

I hope to revive this blog properly at some point but limited time precludes it at the moment. Until then please do head on over to the Grumbly Gamers blog as there will be plenty of interesting posts from not just me but others in my wargaming circle too. See you soon.


MurdocK said...

Congratulations on SO MANY REAL LIFE FRONTS!

May you and your bride enjoy many years together.

A son! I have three and I can totally connect with you on the happiness of the first!

Great that you have established a working base and now feel that you have time to share your gaming with us again!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Welcome back, sir. And multiple congratulations on so many positive "life events".

-- Jeff

Josh said...

Many thanks gentlemen!