Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm not dead!

God I'm stressed, life has not been easy recently! My Fiancée and I are less than 2 months away from our wedding now and in the process of moving half way across the country as she has secured a new job in West Sussex. On top of that I am doing final corrections to my thesis which I intend to (finally) hand in next week. Consequently wargaming and painting have been fairly low on the radar this past month. Still I managed to get in a great ACW game with some friends about 3 weeks ago, though I still haven't had time to get the pictures from it onto the PC so that will have to wait till a future update. Do click the pictures to see an enlarged version!

These are all pictures of models I painted a while ago, and indeed I have more completed but alas no time to get them up on the blog at the moment.

This is my attempt at an exploring officer in the mould of Major Hogan from the Sharpe novels. The uniform is wrong of course, but there is not a huge range of choice available in 40mm at the moment, and he is bound for games of Sharp Practice in any case.

These two are intended to be Portuguese militia, though rather well equipped (probably hid their kit when Junot disbanded the Portuguese regular armies). The Shakos are Spanish I suppose but let's not nit-pick!

Right back to work now :(
I am not sure when I will be able to do the next update, what with moving house and all, but I suspect posts will pick up significantly once the current madness is over!


Ken said...

Very nice work, Mr. Burnstone.

I scrolled down to your post of 25 May, and I sympathize (I have comprehensive exams at the end of this month (my dissertation to follow), so there is precious little painting -- make that no painting at all -- going on at my shop as well).

Best wishes for your thesis and your upcoming wedding.

Capt Bill said...

Love the pants on Major Hogan!

A J said...

My sympathies. I was married only two weeks ago and even our (relatively) simple ceremony took a lot of organising. Gaming and everything else had to take a back seat for a while. But remember - this disruption will pass.

Monty said...

Good to hear from you again, Josh - ahh, the rigours of life etc! I like the customised Confederates in particular, mate.

Enjoy your wedding,relocation and best of luck with the thesis.

(Oh, by the way, painting little bits of plastic/lead should be the last thing on a ahem, soon-to-be/recently married man's mind...)
All the best,


Mr Burnstone said...

Many thanks for your kind words gentlemen!


Monty said...

(Best wishes, as ever...)

Galpy said...

The figures on your blog are awesome the paint work is top notch, real skill, keep up the great work

Monty said...

Outpost Monty calling lost patrol Josh...come in, over...