Monday, May 25, 2009

What am I up to?

Busy month, and I mean seriously busy! I have spent most of my time in the last 3 weeks split between finishing the final chapter of my PhD (which is tantalisingly close!), arranging things for my wedding in September and applying for jobs and attending interviews. As you can imagine little in the way of wargaming time has been available! Even so I have managed to paint a surprisingly decent number of figures, mainly while watching television with my fiancée in the evenings. The secret has been the Army Painter system, which I am totally sold on. It really lets you paint very casually and yet gives very acceptable results. Now I certainly wouldn't use it for some projects, my imagi-nations figures for example, but for the ACW that worn and ragged look that results is just perfect.

Speaking of imagi-nations I have made the decision to rebase my 2 completed regiments. This was not an easy decision, I love the Grant style big battalions and they look wonderful on the shelf with their individual bases, but one go at moving them round the table in their current organisations immediately sold me on the multi-figure base route. Picking up a row of figures after they have collapsed domino style the first time may be amusing, it is certainly not so on the tenth occasion. I am also driven towards a different ruleset, Die Kriegskunst. The Grant rules are fantastic but unpracticable for my current setup of a 6 x 5 foot table. I want the big battalions, but my tablespace says otherwise. I have also become very keen on the General de Brigade system (upon which Die Kriegskunst and Guns at Gettysburg are based) and it makes sense to stick to one rules family, especially as they are so good!

Anyhow I hope to get some more free time soon to take and post some pictures of my ACW units (especially as I am expecting the arrival of some more Flag Dude flags this week). Toodle pip!


Frankfurter said...

Bill Protz and Der Alte Fritz advocate a different solution.
One builds "movement trays" for the size of the common sub formations in the game. The individual figures are secured to this base in different ways ... most folks seem to go with using a bit of magnetic tape either on the bases or on the tray with metal bases ...
I've got so many carboard and basswood bases that I'm probably going with mat board trays and double sided tape!
In any case, a lot quicker and easier than rebasing hundreds of figures!

Monty said...

Nice to hear from you again, Josh.

I agree - the Army Painter is ideally suited to ACW and WW2/1 or indeed anything where a 'field-worn' look is required. Of course, it's all personal preference in the end.
I will be basing my Warlord Romans in movement trays (assuming I ever paint them) awaiting the latest WAB edition.
Have to say, I've been regressing to PC wargaming again...AAGGHH!

Best wishes,


Mr Burnstone said...

Thanks for the ideas guys - I have to admit I had not really considered "trays" but it is certainly a sensible idea that I will investigate :)

Monty you may be waiting sometime for WAB 2, have you considered Field of Glory from Osprey? They seem very popular especially with WAB fans. I have the rulebook and it is an absolutely gorgeous publication - never played the game though. I have also heard good things about Impetus. Ancients though (apart from some minor dabbling in Dark Age Britain) are not really my thing.

As to the PC games - don't do it man. I have been addicted to Total War games in the past but I always got that feeling that in some way I had been wasting my time as hours in front of the PC and nothing to show for it. I much prefer the miniature games nowadays - much more satisfying!


abdul666 said...

"I hope to get some more free time soon to take and post some pictures of my ACW units"
Don't forget the men in tricorns, nonetheless!