Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Marquisate of Valerno marches forth!

Well they are not quite finished but I have been able to commit enough time to painting them that at least the rank and file are done, if not yet based. Both pictures are clickable if you wish to see an enlarged version!

These men will make up the rank and file of IR3 of the Marquisate of Valerno, the musketeers 'Conte Di Costa'. Hopefully their commander Basilio Leopoldo the Conte di Costa and his officers will be completed next week and they can all be transferred to their gaming bases.

The flag below is the units regimental flag, the national flag is to be seen on the info bar to the left. I am not quite sure now why I went with orange, it is a singularly horrible colour to paint as the coverage is awful!

I am now off for a long weekend to Portugal to introduce my parents to my fiancees parents. Should be fun :)


Capt Bill said...

Your new regiment and flag are excellent. Best of luck with the family diplomacy!

Martin said...

I agree with Cap'n Bill! That is a fine looking regiment.

Having just met my youngest son'e in-laws last weekend, my advice is to keep the converstions light and breezy. Beginnings are a delicate time. In the fullness of time, the relationship will strengthen and grow. All the best!

abdul666 said...

Good and pleasant news on all accounts!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Your Italians are fantastic, I really like the uniforms and your painting is really nice. I may steal your white gaiters for some of my Cavenderians.

ColCampbell50 said...

Very nicely done! I particularly like the green coats with the orange facings - they look very smart!


Monty said...

Very impressive detail - bloody jealous here!

All the best.