Friday, January 04, 2008

An inauspicious start....

Every blog needs a beginning. A first post as it were. So here is mine. Its not very good but then again it is the first. Ta da.

Here is one of the last Games Workshop miniatures I painted (a 28mm Halberdier from their Empire range). Probably from about October 2007 which is just about when the rot really set in on my career in the "Games Workshop Hobby" [TM probably :( ]. I have been a wargamer for around 18 years (starting as I did around the age of 10) and the vast majority of that, apart from various sojourns from the hobby entirely, has been within the fold of the GW series of rules. I have found myself over the last few years becoming increasingly disollusioned with the whole thing though and for various reasons I have decided recently that GW is no longer for me. Anyhow I shall blog more on that a little later.
For now please enjoy a picture of a small plastic man's derriere.

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